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About Charles

Charles Parrish is a real estate entrepreneur, regional speaker, auctioneer, broker, and educator. Recognized among his peers as an expert in real estate transaction engineering and negotiation.

Charles founded the first and only real estate investor school in 1980 where members use his unique methods to create cash flow and improve communities.

Charles is respected for his technical and creative knowledge of real estate, his ethical perspective, and 20/20 insight into making offers on and buying real estate while helping sellers solve real estate problems. He believes in the fair process of negotiating and putting together a fair and equitable transaction.

His objective is to earn a reasonable profit on every property he purchases while creating a fair, transaction for all concerned.

Licensed and bonded, Charles is the founder of Auction Brokers LLC, one of Maryland’s leading real estate auction companies. He also serves as CEO of Investors United School of Real Estate Investing, America’s oldest school dedicated exclusively to teaching the techniques of proper real estate investing.

Charles maintains a real estate portfolio in several states, and he is always looking for properties and partnerships.




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Expertise That Helps You Increase Options, Avoid Loss, and Maximize Profits

Charles Parrish wants to speak with you about the specifics of your real estate investment transaction. All of his confidential conversations are geared toward one conclusion: getting you the greatest possible profit or saving you the most money on your transaction.

Real estate buyers, sellers, and owners of all levels of experience sometimes find the need to consult with a professional to provide them with options they had not considered. Often, the need for sound advice, discussed in a timely manner, is vital to the profitability of a transaction.

However, people are regularly given information by “experts” of limited capability that would not only lead them to financial disaster if they follow it, but might place them in legal jeopardy. Attorneys and financial analysts are often the best sources of information when dealing with the law and banking; they may not, however, be the best sources of information when dealing with property and contract structures. Even well-meaning experts who specialize in particular areas of investment become virtually useless when opportunities arise that are beyond the scope of their knowledge.

Charles Parrish is a veteran of thousands of real estate transactions involving properties large and small, having consulted with major corporations, private investment groups, governmental organizations, commercial property owners, and home-buyers. He has maintained his reputation for high-standards and personal service by being selective about the projects and the clients he represents, and he is enthusiastic about the prospect of making you an offer a proposal or representing you as a client..

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Charles Parrish Artist

See my sketches – Sketching in restaurants and taverns on napkins and paper table coverings is one of my favorite hobbies.  I will sketch and color with pastels almost anywhere or on anything every second I get – always on the ready with charcoal and a tin of pastels in my pocket, waiting for an opportunity to create something to give away or display in one of my art shows.
100% of the proceeds from my art shows is currently donated to The Smile Train.

To get paid the best, you must be the best. Rich people are experts in their field, middle-class people are mediocre in their field, and poor people are poor in their field.
Rich people admire other successful people; poor people resent them. If you see people as bad in anyway, you can never be rich, because, how can you be something you don’t like?
Your “comfort zone” is in direct proportion to your “money zone”, be willing to do what’s uncomfortable. It’s the only time you are growing.
Take the time and energy to learn about money, business, and investments. Then choose an investment area to become an expert in, and begin investing in it.
Rich people see every dollar as a “seed” that can be planted and invested to earn 100 more dollars, which can then be replanted to earn 1000 more dollars.
Rich people play the money game to win. Their goal is to create massive wealth and abundance. Poor people play the money game to not lose. Their goal is survival and security.

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